• India is a mystery,
    a jewel
    and for me
    a passion.
  • It's a wonderful thing
    to use my experience and transform
    what would have been great
    into something extraordinary.
  • Many people approach India
    with great trepidation;
    I can help to turn that fear
    into delight.
  • When I can bring together two people
    with shared interests
    either for business or enjoyment
    that makes me happy.
  • India gets under your skin.
    You'll go there once and find yourself
    being drawn back forever after.

Uncover your perfect India

If you're dreaming of a journey into the heart of India, as a family, a couple or single traveller, I can help. I lived in India for 7 years, between the jungles of Central India and the capital city, Delhi.  I have 18 years of experience working in India.

As a totally independent consultant I have no allegiance to any commercial groups.  What I do have is an extensive network of people I can rely on to guarantee your Indian experience is unforgettable.

Completely Personal

Many consultants offer a bespoke service.  But I aim to deliver something that takes 'bespoke' one step further. I can do this because my entire consultancy is founded on personal relationships. What I bring to my clients is the shared knowledge, experience and passion of a network of close connections throughout India.

Why India?

It's impossible to sum up my relationship with India in just a few words, but my first visit marked the beginning of a relationship (and a love of tigers) that has strengthened over the years. I’m very proud of being, for many people, the go to person for all things Indian.

Passion, knowledge- & experience - working together
Gemma Hyde

Please get in touch

If you're planning (or even dreaming) of visiting India
- for business or pleasure -
please do get in touch.


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Gemma Hyde
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